Pilates Socks

Secure foot placement for Pilates

We call on Pilates to bring us greater control of our muscles and our movements. While we explore the beauty of form on the reformer, Cadillac and chair, our core is engaged and our bodies build internal heat. Before long, the fluid movements make our palms and feet a little sweaty. It’s hard to stay in control when you’re losing your grip. That’s why so many Pilates studios require Pilates socks for student safety and equipment cleanliness.

For optimal control in your Pilates class, we recommend Pilates socks like our Bellarina and Low Rise Full Toe.


ToeSox patented grip socks ensures a non slip experience during all your barefoot activities.


You may ask yourself: Why Five Toes? Our five toe construction allows toes to move and spread naturally, without constricting toes together.


ToeSox grip socks provide a hygienic barrier between your feet and Pilates Equipment.