Barre Socks

A combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates, barre focuses on isometric strength training movements to strengthen and lengthen your muscles.  With fun and upbeat dance techniques thrown in, barre is the perfect workout for those  that get bored with the same  routine. It is easy to forget that barre is all about sculpting and toning when you’re having fun!

Skip the Slip

Shoes are not allowed in the studio because of safety and hygienic concerns. Our ToeSox nonslip barre socks are perfect for supporting you while you plie and releve. Five toe design allows muscles in your feet to activate and spread your toes naturally, helping you create a strong foundation for your practice.  Sweaty feet are no longer an issue with our comfortable, yet stylish grip toe socks.

Style Matters

With a ballet inspired look and feel,  our barre socks are on trend at any studio. With a variety of colors and cuts available, your socks are anything but boring. We love our Bella or Bellarina socks paired with a Legwarmer for the ultimate in barre studio style. Complete your head to toe barre body transformation, by showing up in style!

Functionality is Everything

Don’t take our word for it; try our barre socks for yourself! Hold your poses longer, sink a little deeper, and never be ashamed that your legs are shaking up a storm. Enjoy your barre practice without worrying about your feet—we’ve got you covered.